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Juice Fast – Day 5

***IT’S DAY 5!!!! I’M HALFWAY DONE!!!!***

I’m just a BIT excited that I made it to day 5! I really truly thought I wouldn’t even make it to day 2 haha. Today I woke up and made my usual morning juice but I didn’t eat a banana this morning and I went to work. I got home and ate a whole avocado plain then went to meet up with my best friend Mary for best friend day.

While hanging out I was feeling really hungry for a meal which is different from what I had been feeling in the days prior. Before today I was more just craving certain types of food or certain textures like fast food, grease, or crunchy. Today, however I just really wanted some solid food, even a healthy salad with meat. I found that to be interesting. Instead I drank my water and headed home to make my evening juice which I changed up a bit.

Dinner Juice:

Kiwi (so yummy)

Leaf Lettuce









It was a nice red and filled with veggies but tasted like fruit! It was amazing and one of my favorites!

Today I went and bought a workout ball which I just inflated and man, I’m going to feel my arms tomorrow!! That thing was so hard to pump up. I’m kind of confused too because it came with a band that you put around it to make sure it’s the right size and I seriously believe the band is the wrong size haha it about a foot bigger than the ball!!!!

Anyways, I got that so it would stare at me in my room and motivate me to use haha. Let’s see if that works!! I also bought a waist trimmer belt because I carry a lot of water weight in my midsection and it helps you to sweat in that area when doing cardio. Let’s see how it goes.

I love Marshall’s by the way, everything is so affordable and they have so much stuff!! I go there way too often!

Anyhoodle.. I’m off to bed, I’m so exhausted!

P.S. check out my YouTube channel – I vlog, film tutorials, and reviews on beauty products and be silly with my younger sister –

Love you all and keep juicing!!! xoxo – Megs!


Juice Fast – Day 3

Here we are the end of day 3 and I’M ALIVE!!! Yup, i survived what is said to be the hardest day of the juice fast.

Today I woke up and kind of regretted drinking that smooth move tea at home because… well… let’s just say I was in the bathroom for a bit. Haha. After that passed I felt great and ready to make my breakfast! I ate a banana then made my juice.

Morning Juice:






And blended in a banana. Again, after drinking this I had so much energy and then I was off to drive to Riverside for work.

When I got home from doing that around 1:30pm I had my Heart of Palms salad from Trader Joe’s and removed the nuts and only used half the provided raspberry vinaigrette. The salad included mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and artichoke hearts.

I had ran out of fruits and veggies and was waiting until I met up with my partner in crime  and unfortunately I had gone from about 2pm-8:30pm without eating/drinking my veggies (not recommended) I was feeling pretty hungry but it was tolerable and I was dreaming about dinner!!

Today Brenda informed me that our walk is a total of 3 miles!! I had NO idea! It felt so easy to me1 Which is a big shock.

Big bummer about today was that I started the crappy, dreaded, grueling, time of the month. THIS should be interesting!!!

My mood today was pretty okay, and my energy level kept up but right now I’m pretty ready for bed.

My Dinner:

I made my sweet potato “fries” tonight again, but this time I used yams. Sliced a whole avocado. and made a juice which included:








Such a great dinner and I feel satisfied! I plan on making some chamomile tea and getting some rest. Tomorrow I have to shop and get my hair done! Oh what a hard life! 🙂

Happy Juicing!

xoxo – Megs!

My Juicing Experience – Why I’m doing it and Recipes I’ve Tried

Hey all!!

Again, so sorry for not posting very often. I think the push I’m going to need to make posts more often is to challenge myself to post a blog every day for the month of February! SO YES, here is my official claim to blog every day for the month of February!

For now.. I talk about juicing..

Lately, I have been obsessed with watching RissRose2 and BenjiMantv on YouTube and they both love to juice and it has really opened my eyes to the lifestyle. After researching different juicers I found them to be a little pricey for the ones that were actually worth it so I kind of gave up on the idea for a bit. My mom knew of my interest in the subject matter and asked me more about it and what I’ve researched. After about 5 minutes my mom was so convinced she bough us a juicer!!!!

The juicer I own is the Breville Juice Fountain. I believe it is the 850 watt model. Let’s just say… DAMN IT’S AMAZING!!!

The power that this sucker has is cuhhhhrazy! You don’t have to do anything to your fruits and veggies prior to juicing them, just wash them and stick them in! Unless, they are beets, that big tree has to come off first haha. It costed us on $160.00 no shipping or tax!!!

I busted it out right away and my mom went to the store and immediately stocked up on a bunch of different fruits and veggies.

The reason I wanted to try this was for one, I’m still trying to lose weight and I also want to start living a more healthy lifestyle and a big part of that for me is changing what I put into my body. Because, let’s face it, you are what you eat! I also felt as though I needed to cleanse my body of all the junk which includes fast food, alcohol and just negativity.

The first day we juiced I won’t life I did get a headache and felt really hungry for real food. And by the way, I’m not JUST having juice, I am also eating solid food high in protein, low in carbs, just not as much as in amount of times and portions. I believe having all those servings of raw fruits and veggies at once twice a day was just literally  shock to my system!

Today was my second day of juicing and after my morning juice (I’m trying to have a juice in the am for breakfast and one with dinner) I went to the gym and did feel slightly weaker AFTER the workout which consisted of 20 min cardio and 15 mins sauna. (I was in a rush haha)

All in all, I am loving this experience and plan to keep up with it as much as possible since I started it on my days off when I had nothing to do! haha but I don’t see why I can’t keep it up even when working.

Here are my recipes I’ve tried and my thoughts:

Red Juice:

2 beets (stem off)

2 large unpeeled carrots

2 red apples

2 stocks of celery

chunk of ginger

Splash of 100% strawberry kiwi Dole Juice

I really enjoyed this one! The splash of juice really helped offset the taste of beet which at first smelled really pungent and tasted somewhat bitter. (more apple could have helped as well as it covers up many bad flavors) And it’s a pretty red color!

Green Juice:

4 stocks of celery

Handful of spinach

1 small lime

2 green apples

1 green apple

1 red bell pepper

1 green bell pepper

Splash of grape flavored bubbly water

This one was harder to swallow, I won’t lie! After adding the bubbly water though it tasted so good!!!!

Orange Carrot Juice

4 large carrots

1 red apple

5 small organes (peeled)

1 chunk of ginger

2 stocks of celery

1 banana

MY FAVORITE! Be sure to add the banana first as it will be mostly pulp and no juice, the other fruits and veggies will push the banana out so you can taste it i the juice. This is great for the morning!!

Well there it is, my first thoughts on how I enjoy juicing and some recipes, I will surely be back to share some more!

xoxo – Megster!

Did I Hit My Weight Loss Goal????







Hellloooooo er’body!!!! Sorry for the delay in this post! I feel like it’s been forever since I got to update you all on my weight loss journey! Well here it is!

My goal: I set out to lose 24 pounds by the end of November putting me at 185 on the scale.

What has happened during my journey: Probably just days after starting this journey is when I pulled my back at work and could barely even walk, stand up, sit, or sleep, etc. It was absolutely horrible and it put me out of the gym for a GOOD 2 MONTHS! Even when I was able to go back I had to really take it easy BECAUSE while my back was injured I had a pinched nerve that traveled down my left leg and disc bulges (which btw NEVER go away, wah) This caused my left leg to be extremely weak, I even lost considerable muscle mass because of it (regaining it back now!). Since I had what I’d like to call DEAD LEG I fell and twisted my foot so bad that I thought I broke it! I’m sure you guys remember my old posts that included pictures of this disaster ha. I didn’t break anything, but I did tear every muscle in that bad boy!! Oh yeahhhhh.

Today, how do I feel?: I feel back to normal! My back from time to time will get stiff with this cold weather or if I sleep on it wrong, but it IS SO MUCH BETTER! My foot is back to normal and also, just gets tight during cold weather, because I have tons of scar tissue up in der! I have been visiting the gym when possible and now I just need to really be hard on myself and avoid holiday yummies. (whomp, whomp)

Did I make My Goal????: To be honest… I did not. BUT I am so very proud of what I accomplished. That being, I lost 16 lbs!! 9 pounds away from my goal but, I am NOT being hard on myself about it and getting discouraged, cuz HELLO, HALF my workout time I was in bed crippled.

Time for a NEW goal: This new goal will to simply get to the 24 pound mark by the end of February which would give me 3 more months to lose 9 pounds. I think I can do it! With that being said, I am kiiiinda nervous because I’ve noticed I’ve only been losing inches instead of weight.. I think I hit that plateau they always talk about… Just means I have to hit it harder in the gym, right?!

Thanks again to all your support and encouragement and cheers to the next 3 months!


Be Happy, Be Healthy, and Happy Holidays!

Weight Loss Update

So sorry for the lack of update with my weight loss. I’ve been so busy! I just recently got a new job that I am SO excited about! It is truly my dream job! I will be working with kids with Autism administrating behavior therapy in their homes. I have gone through training and taken my test and I PASSED! Just waiting to get my kids and start working!

Now onto the weight loss. I’m still down for the count with my back unfortunately and I have been given more physical therapy which I am hopeful will help alleviate  the constant pain I feel walking, sitting, standing, and trying to turn in over in bed. While I haven’t been able to go to the gym I have still been watching what I have been eating and following some strict rules. These rules include not eating 2 hours before bed time. If you eat right before you sleep your body isn’t functioning in a way to burn calories, instead the sugar turns into fat and goes straight to where we don’t want! Our hips, theighs, arms, and ass! YUCK! Also, I have been really trying to stay away from fast food and if I do have to go to a fast food place I refrain from ordering fries which is KILLER! I love love love fries, especially fast food fries.. Also I try to not have TOO much soda each day, if I do I will limit myself to one whereas before I would have it as much as possible! Even diet soda has a great amount of sodium which causes you to retain water resulting in higher weight numbers, BIG BOO! One thing that I am convinced has helped, is my new obsession with drinking tea, preferably hot tea. My favorite from Starbucks is Vanilla Rooibos tea, it makes me feel so relaxed and tastes of vanilla and berries, it’s perfect for the fall and way better than the alternative frapp’s I always used to get! I also have peppermint tea bags at home from Lipton and I love them before bed! I am going to try to start even making my own herbal tea, they have some great recipes online!

My current weight as of today is 196.4 I have officially lost 13 pounds! and my jeans are thanking me!! I can actually fit into some old jeans I kept around for my “goal jeans” and I am so happy to finally have those jean options back in my life!! I must admit it is really shocking to me how much just changing eating habits has aided me in weight loss when I havent been able to step foot in a gym.

I want to thank all of you who read my blog and continue to share words of encouragement and to congratualte me when I have reached milestones.

I hope I am inspiring and helpful in some way shape and form and remember to always love who you are and becoming to be.

Xoxo – Your friend, Meg

P.s. have any tips for me or anyone else reading? SHARE them! 🙂

Weight Loss Update

I just wanted to share a quick post updating everyone with my weight loss and injury. There is good news and there is bad new. Let’s start with the bad so the last thing you read is good!! I went in for my normal Friday doctor appointment where I was hoping he would give me good news, even though I know I’m not feeling 100% yet.. honestly not even 50% better. I’m still on my four hour shifts at work and taking the same medications minus two of them because I’m so over taking them!!! Which he said that is probably a good idea.

Basically, I left that appointment, ran to my car, and cried.. no wait, I sobbed for a good 20 minutes, called my boyfriend and couldn’t even talk I was crying so much and I just sat in the parking lot. What is hardest about all of this is that pain gets extremely annoying after having it for weeks on end 24/7. I’ve honestly never felt this before, it must really suck to be an old person… I totally get their grumpy moods… The scariest thing I’m facing right now is not knowing exactly what I’m dealing with, even though I have a good idea it’s SI Joint pain. I have physical therapy and a MRI scan on Monday. As of now, I’m going alone 😦 and definitely NOT looking forward to it. At least it’s a big step to recovery.

Now for the GOOD news. I’ve still been really cautious of what I’ve been putting into my body so that I don’t completely fall off the weight loss train. To my surprise, with no exercise, it paid off!!! I lost 2 more pounds!!!! I am now 200 lbs and smiling 🙂 I weighed myself expecting 205 and got 200 and I was impressed. This goes to show you that what you put in your body is VERY crucial to how you are going to lose weight and I hope it is enlightening to see that. I never signed up for weight watchers because of the fact holidays are coming and to spend $18 a month when I’m working only four hour shifts AND holidays are coming, I thought I should just stick to watching my portions my own way, and be more cautious. Your body is a temple and you should treat it as such.

This is more like a long update so I’ll shut my trap and let you all enjoy your weekend with the rain and thunder I am hearing!


My thoughts on injury + still losing.


As I recently shared I have been struck by the sciatica demons of the world and to update you all on my road to recovery… let’s just say I’m going down hill quite literally.

The story –

On Monday I was finally able to walk with out looking like a granny and I had been noticing my whole left leg was pretty weak because the pinched nerve pain would travel all the way down to my foot. I was even comfortable enough to bowl. However at the end of the night while Matt and I were leaving I had an idiot moment and landed on my, now dead left foot, rolled my ankle, landed on my right knee, and then my booty. All the butt padding in the world which I possess didn’t cushion the fall, fail? I think yes. My left foot got the worse though and it instantly swelled up making Matt and I believe I broke it.

The next day I woke up and I was in so much pain I’m sure birthing a baby would be a breeze. My foot was the size of Texas and bending it was soooo out of the question.

Thankfully after a million x rays I was please to hear there weren’t ant fractures or breaks just a seriously messed up foot.

Long story semi short I’ve been miserable and really down on myself… I feel like an idiot for falling, I feel as though I’m letting my work down because I can only work four hour shifts and I limp everywhere. The worst part is, not being able to work out and keep on keeping on with my weight loss goals. I literally break down when looking at the scale.

After my visit with the Dr he added more medicine and ordered me a mri to take a closer look.

There’s some good news however. Past two times I’ve been to the Dr I weight 204. I was down to 202 so I don’t feel TOO bad. I’ve been trying to watch what I eat, I even made my family a healthy dinner because my mom and sister are also on their own personal weight loss journey.

Everyday when they go to the gym I get a little down but I’m really proud of how dedicated they are. Just makes me more motivated to get myself healthy again.

I’ve been considering doing online weight watchers without the meetings. It’s $18 a month and one of my coworkers is having success with it. Best part is, you can eat what you want!!! Just not a lot of it haha. Which is good!!!

Any of you readers tried it? Lemme know and share your thoughts. I’m really interested!!!

I can’t wait to be healed and back on that treadmill but it is a good time to really start looking at my eating habits.

Cuz hey, when life gives you lemons, you better make some low sugar lemonade!!!!


Don’t let anything stop you from goals, even an injury.

The picture is gross and I apologize.