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Juice Fast – Day 5

***IT’S DAY 5!!!! I’M HALFWAY DONE!!!!***

I’m just a BIT excited that I made it to day 5! I really truly thought I wouldn’t even make it to day 2 haha. Today I woke up and made my usual morning juice but I didn’t eat a banana this morning and I went to work. I got home and ate a whole avocado plain then went to meet up with my best friend Mary for best friend day.

While hanging out I was feeling really hungry for a meal which is different from what I had been feeling in the days prior. Before today I was more just craving certain types of food or certain textures like fast food, grease, or crunchy. Today, however I just really wanted some solid food, even a healthy salad with meat. I found that to be interesting. Instead I drank my water and headed home to make my evening juice which I changed up a bit.

Dinner Juice:

Kiwi (so yummy)

Leaf Lettuce









It was a nice red and filled with veggies but tasted like fruit! It was amazing and one of my favorites!

Today I went and bought a workout ball which I just inflated and man, I’m going to feel my arms tomorrow!! That thing was so hard to pump up. I’m kind of confused too because it came with a band that you put around it to make sure it’s the right size and I seriously believe the band is the wrong size haha it about a foot bigger than the ball!!!!

Anyways, I got that so it would stare at me in my room and motivate me to use haha. Let’s see if that works!! I also bought a waist trimmer belt because I carry a lot of water weight in my midsection and it helps you to sweat in that area when doing cardio. Let’s see how it goes.

I love Marshall’s by the way, everything is so affordable and they have so much stuff!! I go there way too often!

Anyhoodle.. I’m off to bed, I’m so exhausted!

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Love you all and keep juicing!!! xoxo – Megs!


My Juicing Experience – Why I’m doing it and Recipes I’ve Tried

Hey all!!

Again, so sorry for not posting very often. I think the push I’m going to need to make posts more often is to challenge myself to post a blog every day for the month of February! SO YES, here is my official claim to blog every day for the month of February!

For now.. I talk about juicing..

Lately, I have been obsessed with watching RissRose2 and BenjiMantv on YouTube and they both love to juice and it has really opened my eyes to the lifestyle. After researching different juicers I found them to be a little pricey for the ones that were actually worth it so I kind of gave up on the idea for a bit. My mom knew of my interest in the subject matter and asked me more about it and what I’ve researched. After about 5 minutes my mom was so convinced she bough us a juicer!!!!

The juicer I own is the Breville Juice Fountain. I believe it is the 850 watt model. Let’s just say… DAMN IT’S AMAZING!!!

The power that this sucker has is cuhhhhrazy! You don’t have to do anything to your fruits and veggies prior to juicing them, just wash them and stick them in! Unless, they are beets, that big tree has to come off first haha. It costed us on $160.00 no shipping or tax!!!

I busted it out right away and my mom went to the store and immediately stocked up on a bunch of different fruits and veggies.

The reason I wanted to try this was for one, I’m still trying to lose weight and I also want to start living a more healthy lifestyle and a big part of that for me is changing what I put into my body. Because, let’s face it, you are what you eat! I also felt as though I needed to cleanse my body of all the junk which includes fast food, alcohol and just negativity.

The first day we juiced I won’t life I did get a headache and felt really hungry for real food. And by the way, I’m not JUST having juice, I am also eating solid food high in protein, low in carbs, just not as much as in amount of times and portions. I believe having all those servings of raw fruits and veggies at once twice a day was just literally  shock to my system!

Today was my second day of juicing and after my morning juice (I’m trying to have a juice in the am for breakfast and one with dinner) I went to the gym and did feel slightly weaker AFTER the workout which consisted of 20 min cardio and 15 mins sauna. (I was in a rush haha)

All in all, I am loving this experience and plan to keep up with it as much as possible since I started it on my days off when I had nothing to do! haha but I don’t see why I can’t keep it up even when working.

Here are my recipes I’ve tried and my thoughts:

Red Juice:

2 beets (stem off)

2 large unpeeled carrots

2 red apples

2 stocks of celery

chunk of ginger

Splash of 100% strawberry kiwi Dole Juice

I really enjoyed this one! The splash of juice really helped offset the taste of beet which at first smelled really pungent and tasted somewhat bitter. (more apple could have helped as well as it covers up many bad flavors) And it’s a pretty red color!

Green Juice:

4 stocks of celery

Handful of spinach

1 small lime

2 green apples

1 green apple

1 red bell pepper

1 green bell pepper

Splash of grape flavored bubbly water

This one was harder to swallow, I won’t lie! After adding the bubbly water though it tasted so good!!!!

Orange Carrot Juice

4 large carrots

1 red apple

5 small organes (peeled)

1 chunk of ginger

2 stocks of celery

1 banana

MY FAVORITE! Be sure to add the banana first as it will be mostly pulp and no juice, the other fruits and veggies will push the banana out so you can taste it i the juice. This is great for the morning!!

Well there it is, my first thoughts on how I enjoy juicing and some recipes, I will surely be back to share some more!

xoxo – Megster!

NYX Glitter Cream Pallet Review





After seeing these new palettes around at various stores I finally decided to try it out. The specific one I purchased was 09 sweet chocolate browns. I chose this one because it was the most neutral out of all of them and I figured I’d get he most use out of it. There are many different ones!

Each one comes with 5 glitters that are highly concentrated. 4 out of the 5 are chunkier and one is a finer glitter. At first when swatching the colors with my finger it was hard to get a concentrated glitter swatch. I found it actually very useful to use the applicators that they supply.

Since this is a cream product I made sure when using it on my eyes to apply a primer and an eyeshadow over the primer to provide a good base reasonably free of oil to prevent creasing. I wore it twice. Once was before heading to work and once was before a day off where I ran random errands and so on so I could see how it held up.

My verdict: there is creasing that occurs but I found that if you apply the primer and eyeshadow then the glitter THEN apply again the eyeshadow over the glitter or a translucent powder over it, it can aid in preventing creasing. When removing makeup the glitter is very hard to completely take away. You will notice a few left over glitter specs for a day. What I liked was the glitter payoff. It is very buildable or you can apply just a little.

I wouldn’t necessaryily purchase another pallet for a few reasons. One being that I don’t have many occasions where is want to have glitter eyes. Two, the other colors available are very vibrant and I probably wouldn’t utilize them as often except a gold pallet I saw.

Overall I like the product and would recommend it to you. Just try different application techniques to find what works with your skin and oil scale.

Thanks for reading

Acne Scar Experiment With DIY at Home Facial Mask.


One issue that I have had since high school was when I started to get acne then there has been the scaring that has occurred after. I have SUCH A BAD HABIT of popping my zits no matter the circumstances. You should ONLY POP sits when your face and hands are clean of makeup, dirt, oil, and it should be done using a needle. NOT your fingers!

Well, being the impatient one, I have always just obsessed with popping those bad boys ASAP! As a sad result I have acne scaring like crazy as you can see in the picture.

Looking around online for a natural solution  which I prefer over using medicines, and topical treatments such as acne scar serums etc. I came upon a ridiculously cheap and natural way to go about the issue.

It’s a mask that you create out of cinnamon, nutmeg, and honey!!!
It is recommended that you use natural honey as it is not altered in any way from its natural state which will allow it to do the job better.

Here is a link to one of the sites I saw that gave a bunch of info on all the health benefits of each ingredient and how to make it.

Green Beauty

Simple version: get equal amounts of each ingredient, mix and apply to acne scares and any acne flair ups and leave on for 30 mins. Rinse with warm water and moisturize as usual.

I read that it took about 4 days to see results. I am going to touch base in 4 days with an update and give you the 411!!! So stay tuned! And thanks for reading!!

Let me know how it worked for you!

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It’s a VIDEO!!!

So I decided to post the video I recorded of my Lucille Ball tutorial. It’s not the best quality, please forgive me! I’m a beginner, geez.

Hope you enjoy…

Tired? Partied Too Hard? Look Awake INSTANTLY!



We all have those long nights here and there. Either we work long hours, have unusually early mornings or maybe you were lucky enough to have a night out with friends and some Jack Daniels 😉

This is my GO TO look for when I feel like my face is showing my mental drag.

Plus ill share some awesome tips to enhance any look even if you feel awake!

First tip:
Always use light colored eyeshadows, dark ones can close up the eyes.

Focus a shimmer eyeshadow near the tear duct to open up the eyes.

When doing mascara make sure to get every eyelash and position them to go up and away, making your eyes look bigger.
Under the eye use a pink toned concealed, it will cancel out dark circles. A good one that works is Benefit’s Erase Paste. Perfect tone, be sure to cover with powder since it is super creamy. You don’t want it falling off 🙂

A tip I always use is putting a white cream under the eyebrow arch and the inner corner. For this I use NYX jumbo pencil in white and blend it in with my finger. This is so good and helping your eyebrows look more defined, lifted, and helping you look awake.

Tight line the lower lash line with white or nude eye liner.

My two pictures should help to see where to place these products. If requested enough ill make a video for you all.

Hope this helps!


How To: Depotting Eyeshadow/Blush & Making Personal Palettes.


I have a million small eye shadow palettes and I’m sure many of you do as well. I finally decided that condense them all and make my own palettes!

It took me about an hour to do and the supplies I needed were lying around my house.

What you need:

Eyeshadow of course! By whoever, in whatever case, I promise they can be depotted.

Sharp kitchen knife

Flat iron

Wax paper or parchment paper

Hot glue gun

Empty cd cases

You could also put them in magnetic palettes such as z-palettes which are available online and are perfect! If you do magnetic you will need magnet strips which you can get at any craft store and some sort of adhesive so it sticks to the bottom of the shadow or blush.

Step one:
Heat up your flat iron as high as it will go and when it is hot enough cover the hot plate with the wax or parchment paper.

Step two: take the palette and place it on the flat iron over the paper and let it sit for about 5 mins. Check the bottom carefully to see if its hot or beginning to soften. The time it takes for this to occur carries with each brand of shadow.

Step three: this is probably the hardest step. You want to find were the actual shadow pan is connected to the palette and wedge in the sharp knife to separate the shadow pan from the actual palette. Some may be easier than others and be careful to not cut or burn yourself!

Step four: once the shadow is released from the palette get your empty cd case or magnetic palette and determine where you want your shadows to be placed. This is when you can get creative and finally create your own perfect selection of colors!

Step five: put hot glue or magnet on the bottom of the shadow or blush and place it in the palette and TADAA!!!! You’re done!

At times shadows may break but I know there are tutorials on You Tube that show you how to put those right back together! You Tube also has great visuals for how to do this process which is where I learned this.

Have fun and ask any questions if you need clarification!