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Ulta, Walmart Haul + First Impressions + Mini Reviews!!

I’m so excited for this post because I got a lot of goodies and I’ve been itching to do some mini reviews! I have been putting together a list of a few items I’ve been wanting to get and I got most of them today and decided to put off some of the other items until next paycheck, but here is what I got and some first impressions + mini reviews of things I have used for a few weeks now! Let’s get started!

What I got at ULTA:

Kiss everlasting French Press on Nails – $5.99

I have been getting acrylics for some years now and I can’t really afford to keep them up all the time like I would want to. I know of a few people who have used this brand of press on nails and they swear by them! They look very natural and easy to apply, so I’m going to give them a go!

NYX Jumbo pencil in Black Bean – $4.49

I have purchased two other Jumbo pencils before and, I L-O-V-E them! such a good base for eye shadows and very creamy and easy to apply. I decided since Fall is officially here I would be doing more smokey eye looks so I wanted to get a good dark base and Black Bean would be great! I will be depotting my pencils soon though because the sharpener for those pencils was expensive and depotting them is NOT! Tutorial on that coming SOON!

NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Sugar Pie – $5.49

It’s very pretty natural color and a direct dupe for Nars Turkish Delight. My first impression of this product since I have never used their lip shines before is that it’s AMAZING! The texture is so creamy, not sticky at all. It has a very pleasant sent to it and the color is so pretty! The once thing I don’t like is that the applicator is rough and feels like it is scratching my lips a bit :-/ but I do love the angle of the applicator very nice. Will definitely purchase more.

EOS Everyday Hand Lotion – $3.99

I am really liking this line of products from EOS (Evolution of Soft). Their products are 97% natural and paraben-free. I have purchased their lip balm previously and it was 3.29 from Rite Aid and it is by far the best chapstick I have ever used. I used this hand lotion right when I picked it up and it made my hands feel so soft and it is the perfect size to throw in your purse. I got the green bottle (no scent name) there was also a blue one. It smells fruity, and it isn’t too strong. Love it! Also, I love their packaging it’s so different and fun!

Urban Decay De Slick Oil Control Makeup Setting-Spray – $11.00

I have been wanting to try this product for some time now, I have never used a setting spray of my own before just one of my friends and I loved how it helped prevent my makeup from moving. I decided to get the small version of this product before getting the big one because it is more expensive. Right when I purchased it I got to my car and sprayed my makeup because I knew I had more places to go and the weather was amking me kind of sweaty so I wanted to see how it held up with more shopping and washing my car. My first impression was that it worked pretty well. When I get hot I tend to get very oily lately, especially where I work (no A/C!!) and I notice my makeup moving a lot. I will update my thoughts on this product as I use it more.

Walmart Time!

Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Noraml/Dry Skin in 150 Buff – $9.98

I have always been a fan of this foundation. I was actually wanting to purchase NYX HD Foundation but, unfortunately you can only buy it online at the moment. What the uppity up NYX??? I didn’t want to do that even though I have heard such awesome things about it because I know I will more than likely get the wrong color ha. So I am waiting for it to get into stores. I am highly confident I will love this foundation, I always have! Easily bendable, medium coverage that can be built up to full and lasts all day!

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips – $5.00

I haven’t tried or even opened the package on this one yet but I have heard great things from other gurus and online reviews, so excited to try them out! I wouldn’t say I have a terrible problem with clogged pores on my nose, but I am sure this wouldn’t hurt to try and get the gunk on them! I will let you know how I feel about them after!

Queen Helene The Original Mint Julep Masque – $2.47

I used this before at a friends house while in the shower and I have heard great things about it. Let me tell you me la la love it. After using it my face feels so soft and it does what it claims! Helps dry up acne pimples, rinses away blackheads and shrinks enlarged pores. It feel so refreshing and I kind of wanna shower just to try it again! Not to mention its a huge bottle and dirt cheap!

Holy crap that was long!!! The things I wanted to purchase but decided to put on hold was Garnier Clinical dark spot remover thing. I have been keeping up with gurus and their progress with the product and I havent heard anything bad about it. It was 14 some dollars at walmart and I will pick it up next time and give you all a week by week review on it for sure! I didn’t pick up a new wallet (I really need to) or anymore candles. WHICH, btw the candles at Walmart are so cheap and smell delicious! I’m kind of wondering why I spend so much on Bath and Body Works candles haha. Will purchase some next time!!

Thanks so much for reading this ridiculously long blog and I will keep you guys updated with the products! I hope you enjoyed this and you are enjoying your day!