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Easy Steps to Healthy Skin

Today we are unfortunately subject to some very harsh environmental factors that can have a huge effect on how our skin ages. Living in California, we constantly have the sun beating down on us, we probably have the worst pollution I have seen in any state I have traveled, and when it get’s to be winter time I know a bunch of people who travel to snow board or ski which puts us in a cold climate that can really dry our skin out during the winter months.

It is important that we really take care of our skin because of all of these factors and, let’s face it (no pun intended) we always want to look our best and we want to stay away from having wrinkles and acne as much as possible, but how do we do it? Here are some easy and fast steps that anyone can do, let’s start from the point where we wake up!

I know it’s early, we don’t wanna get up to go to work or school, but what always helps me is a good washing of my face! I usually do this in the shower but if for some reason I took a shower at night I will still make sure to wash my face in the morning, it helps to wake me up and believe it or not we acquire a lot of dirt and oil while sleeping that can really build up. A product I love to use is L’oreal’s Go 360 Clean face wash for sensitive skin. This stuff is amazing! It comes with a rubbery cleanser pad that claims to get deep down into your pores to clean them out and it removes make-up so easily!! Also, about two times a week I love to exfoliate my face to get rid of the dead skin so my moisturizer can really soak in when I get to that step. What I use for this is St. Ives Green Tea Exfoliant Scrub. This is a great exfoliant that even helps to reduce redness in my skin that I deal with constantly. It’s so quick and easy and my skin feels extremely soft after wards. It is really important to wash off the dead skin because our skin cells are constantly being replenished on our face and if we don’t do this step they build up and can cause acne and bumps.

The next step after washing my face is applying moisturizer. Try and get a moisturizer with some SPF in it to protect you from the sun. Make sure that it really does make your skin soft and does in fact add moisture, otherwise, if your skin is dry it could start to flake and peel which can be really bothersome, and it will hurt, I promise! I use Olay Daily Moisturizer with SPF in it.

After this feel free to put on make-up and go on with your day. At the end of the day though, remove that make-up! If you don’t I can pretty much guarantee you will wake up with a zit or missing a few eye lashes. I know this is a hard step for me because when I return home after a long day I just want to sleep! Make sure to get a make-up remover that is oil free and for sensitive skin just to be on the safe side. I use Mary Kay make-up remover and it works well, and really fast! After this step I will usually wash my face again just to make sure I get it clean.

I hope these steps help you to improve your skin for the future! Any things you find beneficial to your skin? Let me know, I’d love to hear it!


Make-Up Essentials

I know I have a huge box of multiple eye shadows, mascaras, primers, blushes, etc. and I realize that a bunch of the stuff I have bought I haven’t NEEDED, but there’s a few items that are my MUST haves. Especially when I’m in a rush to get out the door to school, or work, for instance.

My most essential make-up item that I need at all times is my mascara, I really don’t go anywhere without at least my mascara on, if I don’t wear it I look so tired! The next item I can’t go without is a light application of any foundation, liquid or powder; especially because I like to keep my face protected from the sun I try to find a foundation that has some sort of SPF in it, if it doesn’t I try to find a moisturizer with SPF in it. This is such an important step in anybody’s routine whether or not you like to wear make-up, it is always smart to protect your skin, especially your face, because it is the thinnest skin on your body and takes most of the damage from the sun that can result in dark spots and wrinkles. Another good thing for anyone to have is a neutral eyeshadow palette, I say this because neutral colors look amazing on any skin tone. Light neutral colors allow for the lid to hide any veins or discoloration, and they can aid in making your eyes look wider and more awake. The darker neutral colors are great for at night to add a bit of dimension or even a smokey eye look. A good neutral palette that I own is from Maybeline and it cost me about $6 and I use it all the time! It has great light colors and some awesome browns and golds to add dimension in the crease or outer corner of your eye, even a pretty green to bring out any eye color!

Those are my four essentials that I feel anyone should have in order to look awake, be protected, and to accentuate the beauty we all already have!

What are your make-up essentials? Any suggestions for anyone who is just starting or do you have suggestions forĀ  the more experienced make-up guru!? Let me know! I’d love to hear your input!