Juice Fast – Day 4

Didn’t sleep too well last night because I had very vivid and scary dreams. I get those from time to time for a week at a time it seems. Dah Well! Onto how my Day 4 has gone.

Woke up tired and headed off to a HUGE farmers market near my house (a different one than usual) and my mom and I got SO much produce and it was STILL even cheaper than the small farmers market right by my house. So with my fridge stocked full of veggies and fruits I made my breakfast juice (same as Day 2 but added strawberries) and went to a hair appt.

Today I made a HUGE batch of vegetable soup to get me through the next few days because it was getting to be a little much cutting and cooking vegetables everyday for every meal. The sou is absolutely delicious and I was able to reserve two more servings for tomorrow and one other to take to work Saturday to prevent me from caving in and getting fast food. You can find the recipe on google, just put in cabbage soup in the search engine.

I also did my 3 mile walk again with Brenda and we finished it in a faster time than usual! It feels good to be active with an as motivated buddy!

Came home and made Mustard Braised Brussel Sprouts and a vegetable juice that was somewhat salsa inspired.

Dinner Juice:





Cherry Tomato




It was so good and easy to drink because I LOVE SALSA! haha The Brussel sprout recipe can be found on google too. It was so good and flavorful and appetizing.

Right now it is 10:23pm and I’m shamefully waiting for Jersey Shore to come on again tonight, it’s a new episode!!! haha

Don’t Judge me, just juice!!!

P.S. Yay Feb daily blogs!!

x0x0 – Megs!



About Megan Fitzgerald

This blog started out as a school project and I have been inspired to make it a beauty blog to put myself out there and share my thoughts on things from make-up to life and everything in between. Feel free to leave comments, good and or bad, as I am always looking to improve myself :) A little about me. I am 23 years old and recently graduated from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona in June of 2011 with a BA in Psychology. My passion for hair design and make-up artistry has always had a big part in my life. It started as an addiction, really, and now I am hoping to go to school to become licensed. Some may say "what a weird transition.. degree in Psychology to beauty school?" However, I believe people should follow their passion and their dreams, and this is mine! Life is too short to sit behind a desk! I rather be behind the chair or in front of an individual making them feel truly beautiful inside and out. I mean, hey, a lot of hair dressers I meet swear they are therapists as well ;) Here's to passion!

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