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Friday’s are supposed to be exciting and fun because you get the weekend off work and you can have fun with family and friends. For me, that’s not the case. I get to look forward to working my OTHER job. I know I shouldn’t complain because I’m so very lucky to have not just one but TWO jobs, but I’m freaking exhausted! Haha. I do loooove the money though. Lord knows I need it!!

Ever since my juice fast ended this week I miss juicing and knowing my body wasn’t full of CRAP. I need to get back into the gym though. I’m hoping to go tomorrow if I’m not as exhausted as I am now haha. Missed two days and now I feel off kilter haha. CUH-RAZY!

I have a tough life.. Ok, not really. I just seem to live in my car lately. But I come home to that face ^ my 16 year old sister. We are forever alone!!! 10 points if you get the reference.

Now I must run and get ready for my friends BBQ. I get to enjoy SOMETHING!!! And forget about crap for a few hours at least…

xoxo – Megs!


I ate.. and Regretted It..

Last night I celebrated the end of my juice fast by going to a super nice restaurant and eating.. I ate entirely too much haha and had a few drinks and I felt so gross after!!!!

I was over stuffed for sure and felt weighed down. Woke up today and was like, WHYYYYYY???

Definitely going to juice tonight after work and make a salad probably and go work out!

Now that my juice fast is over it’s time to kinda revert back to making this blog about beauty again and I wanted to hear what you guys wanna read about.. Reviews, tutorials, my life, more weight loss related things.. etc.

I want this blog to be interesting not only for but for my readers so let me know! Right now I have to get ready for work and maybe take a nap haha.

See ya laters! 🙂

xoxo – Megs!

Juice Fast – Day 9

I’ll post the video I just did because writing all that out right now seems silly when I speak it better…

Thanks again for everything, my life is forever changed.

xoxo – Megs!

P.S. Beauty related posts WILL be coming back!

Juice Fast – Day 8

Finally it’s day eight and the finish line is in sight!!!

I woke up not wanting to prepare my fruits and veggies before work and thankfully I had half of my dinner juice batch leftover from last night and I drank that and ate a banana and was off to work.

After my first client I came home for lunch which was leftover cabbage soup then went to my next client. I got home and walked with Brenda for our usual 3 miles and came home to make a veggie juice. Which, haha I put way too much lemon in…

1 handfull kale

5 leafs of lettuce

3 carrots

1 lemon (too much!!!)

4 Stems of celery

1 cucumber

1 handfull of parsley

After realizing the lemon was SUPER over the top I added some honey and it totally helped. I was out of apples! 😦

I also boiled some cabbage with a dash of salt for dinner as well and now I’m off to bed. One really nice thing about juicing is that no juice tastes the same! it’s always different and you can make endless combinations!

I noticed something today and that was my blood must be really thinning out haha. I had a recent zit on my face (the usual time of the month zit) which I have been putting toner on and today there was a little bit of a rough part and I accidentally scratched it off and figured ok, if there is any blood it wont be much and I’ll clean it up when I put my makeup on. I saw 2 mins later and blood was coming down my face! I also got a blister on my heel while walking today that was so small. I got home and my sock was full of blood!!! This might be TMI so close your virgin eyes if you need haha but also my period is ridiculously heavy this month.

I swear if I were to give blood tomorrow it would only take 3 minutes!!! haha I think this is a good thing??

Anyways, day 9 tomorrow WAHOO!!! And I say this because I miss protein 🙂

Total weight lost thus far… 7 lbs baby!!!!

xoxox Megs!

Juice Fast – Day 7 (Dreaded Super Bowl Sunday)

Today was that dreaded American Holiday of Football which usually includes lots of food and beer because that’s the best way to watch football in my eyes.

Fortunately AND unfortunately I worked at K1 this Sunday and couldn’t really see the game, commercials, or half time show but still got to see the most important part, the score. YAY GIANTS, btw!!!!

At work it was difficult not think about going to a bar after work or go to Boston’s with my family for sunday dinner. Instead I came home right after work saw them leave and got to my dinner.

BUT breakfast always comes before dinner so I will start with that. Here is my morning Juice:

Half a pineapple WITH skin

Half a lemon with skin

1 inch cube of Ginger

Blended in banana

Such a great alternative to the other morning juice I was becoming used to drinking and apparently the skin of the pineapple is SUPER good for you! Although you don’t get the peel when you juice fruit they still recommend you juice it with the peel. Surprisingly as well the juice wasn’t tart, the banana helped cut that.

Dinner was my sweet potato fries and jam packed red/green juice:

Quarter of a beet

Two carrots

Half lemon with peel

Handfull parsley

Two handfulls spinach

1 Apple

2 Stems of celery

1 handfull Kale

The taste was a bit hard to handle so I added in some Strawberry Mango 100% juice. It definitely helped.

THen I went to the gym with my mom and sister even though I was pretty tired but right now I feel great and I’m SO proud I made it through today, I wanted to cheat so bad. Friends inviting me out and missing sunday dinner.

It’s time for bed so I can actually conquer day 8! Goodnight!!

xoxo Megs!

Juice Fast – Day 6

I know it’s almost not day 6 anymore but I had work and JUST got home around 11:40pm.

Today I woke up kinda late, just kept hitting that evil snooze button! I still made it to the gym though!! Worked out on the treadmill for 30 mins doing speed and incline intervals then sat in the sauna for 20 minutes. I really freaking love the sauna. It’s like the dessert to my workout haha. I wore a waist trimmer belt when working out today that I picked up from MArshall’s *surprise* and it helped me sweat a bunch in that stubborn area!

Came home to make my morning juice. As requested I will not put the quantities of each fruit and veggie to help you guys replicate them.

1 Large organe (peeled)

3 Kiwis (peeled)

1 Red Apple

Handfull of freshBlueberries

10-12 Strawberries

2 Large Carrots

2 Stems of Celery

2 Cups Spinach

1 inch Chunk of Ginger Root

I took my cabbage soup to work and that was it! No veggies juice today but I am going to make sure to have that tomorrow after work. I also drank a lot of water today.

Hungry today for a meal of veggies haha but not really craving greasy food like I did in the beginning. I feel great and happier. My head feels so clear it’s kind of crazy!

Now, I’m off to bed to prepare for tomorrow (it’s Super Bowl Sunday) GONNA BE INTERESTING!

Goodnight and keep on juicing!

xoxo Megs!

Juice Fast – Day 5

***IT’S DAY 5!!!! I’M HALFWAY DONE!!!!***

I’m just a BIT excited that I made it to day 5! I really truly thought I wouldn’t even make it to day 2 haha. Today I woke up and made my usual morning juice but I didn’t eat a banana this morning and I went to work. I got home and ate a whole avocado plain then went to meet up with my best friend Mary for best friend day.

While hanging out I was feeling really hungry for a meal which is different from what I had been feeling in the days prior. Before today I was more just craving certain types of food or certain textures like fast food, grease, or crunchy. Today, however I just really wanted some solid food, even a healthy salad with meat. I found that to be interesting. Instead I drank my water and headed home to make my evening juice which I changed up a bit.

Dinner Juice:

Kiwi (so yummy)

Leaf Lettuce









It was a nice red and filled with veggies but tasted like fruit! It was amazing and one of my favorites!

Today I went and bought a workout ball which I just inflated and man, I’m going to feel my arms tomorrow!! That thing was so hard to pump up. I’m kind of confused too because it came with a band that you put around it to make sure it’s the right size and I seriously believe the band is the wrong size haha it about a foot bigger than the ball!!!!

Anyways, I got that so it would stare at me in my room and motivate me to use haha. Let’s see if that works!! I also bought a waist trimmer belt because I carry a lot of water weight in my midsection and it helps you to sweat in that area when doing cardio. Let’s see how it goes.

I love Marshall’s by the way, everything is so affordable and they have so much stuff!! I go there way too often!

Anyhoodle.. I’m off to bed, I’m so exhausted!

P.S. check out my YouTube channel – I vlog, film tutorials, and reviews on beauty products and be silly with my younger sister –

Love you all and keep juicing!!! xoxo – Megs!