Complete Juice Fast – Day 1

Well hello everyone! Here I am to share my new journey for the next 10 days, yes, I said 10! For the next 10 days I will be on a juice fast where all I will eat… well, I mean drink, is juiced fruits and vegetables! I will be posting daily about my thoughts, feelings, and everything in between about how I am doing.

Some of you may be asking, is that healthy?! It is, believe it or not. Especially when my vices are fast, bread, fried anything, and caffeine. With the elimination of those nasty things I am left with vitamins, minerals, and a bunch of nutrition that is absorbed more efficiently because of being juiced. Now you may ask, will you get all the protein and nutrients you would without eating meat? Yes I will! By carefully researching and planning out my juices throughout this journey and adding protein powder to some juices I will cover all my nutritional bases.

A documentary that many people suggested for me to watch to get motivation and a lot of great info is “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” which is available on Hulu for those of you wondering. If you are AT ALL interested in the subject of juicing you should DEFINITELY watch it! It will for sure open your eyes and be motivating in some way, maybe not to exactly juice but to just have healthier lifestyle. I feel like a lot of us, especially myself, take our health for granted. It is astonishing to me all the bad that could be going on IN our bodies without us even knowing it!

Anyways! Let’s talk about how I am doing on this first day of my fast. This morning I woke up too late to juice unfortunately before so I just grabbed a water bottle and was on my way. I retunred home between clients around 1:45pm with more groceries for my juicing and got started right away. By this time my stomach was grumbling and I was so ready to EAT!

My juice for lunch:




Sweet Potato






Yeah, I put a TON of stuff in my afternoon juice since I didn’t have any in the am and I was off to Corona for my next client and wouldn’t be home untile after 6:00pm to have my dinner juice. The taste was a little off putting at first because it had SO much greens and the potato added a different texture. I had about 32 ounces in all, sipping it slowly on my way to Corona. I also made sure to take a water bottle to my session.

After work is usually when I run to fast food, BUT I RESISTED! I headed home in major traffic and went right away to my dinner juice, unfortunately right when my mom was making the family dinner… that was tough.

My juice for dinner:





Ginger root

Bell Pepper



I love this juice, the apple and orange really help to overcome the taste of the beet and greens and it is a beautiful pink color haha.

Right now it is 10:23pm and I have a slight headache, (could very well be from my last client!) I’m not too hungry just more craving salty, greasy food because that is what my body is programmed to be doing right now. Fast food is ADDICTING and right now is withdrawal period!

This is ridiculously long and I promise the next days won’t be.

Until then, Happy Juicing and stay tuned for more of my experience in day 2!!!!

xoxo – Megs


About Megan Fitzgerald

This blog started out as a school project and I have been inspired to make it a beauty blog to put myself out there and share my thoughts on things from make-up to life and everything in between. Feel free to leave comments, good and or bad, as I am always looking to improve myself :) A little about me. I am 23 years old and recently graduated from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona in June of 2011 with a BA in Psychology. My passion for hair design and make-up artistry has always had a big part in my life. It started as an addiction, really, and now I am hoping to go to school to become licensed. Some may say "what a weird transition.. degree in Psychology to beauty school?" However, I believe people should follow their passion and their dreams, and this is mine! Life is too short to sit behind a desk! I rather be behind the chair or in front of an individual making them feel truly beautiful inside and out. I mean, hey, a lot of hair dressers I meet swear they are therapists as well ;) Here's to passion!

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