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Complete Juice Fast – Day 1

Well hello everyone! Here I am to share my new journey for the next 10 days, yes, I said 10! For the next 10 days I will be on a juice fast where all I will eat… well, I mean drink, is juiced fruits and vegetables! I will be posting daily about my thoughts, feelings, and everything in between about how I am doing.

Some of you may be asking, is that healthy?! It is, believe it or not. Especially when my vices are fast, bread, fried anything, and caffeine. With the elimination of those nasty things I am left with vitamins, minerals, and a bunch of nutrition that is absorbed more efficiently because of being juiced. Now you may ask, will you get all the protein and nutrients you would without eating meat? Yes I will! By carefully researching and planning out my juices throughout this journey and adding protein powder to some juices I will cover all my nutritional bases.

A documentary that many people suggested for me to watch to get motivation and a lot of great info is “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” which is available on Hulu for those of you wondering. If you are AT ALL interested in the subject of juicing you should DEFINITELY watch it! It will for sure open your eyes and be motivating in some way, maybe not to exactly juice but to just have healthier lifestyle. I feel like a lot of us, especially myself, take our health for granted. It is astonishing to me all the bad that could be going on IN our bodies without us even knowing it!

Anyways! Let’s talk about how I am doing on this first day of my fast. This morning I woke up too late to juice unfortunately before so I just grabbed a water bottle and was on my way. I retunred home between clients around 1:45pm with more groceries for my juicing and got started right away. By this time my stomach was grumbling and I was so ready to EAT!

My juice for lunch:




Sweet Potato






Yeah, I put a TON of stuff in my afternoon juice since I didn’t have any in the am and I was off to Corona for my next client and wouldn’t be home untile after 6:00pm to have my dinner juice. The taste was a little off putting at first because it had SO much greens and the potato added a different texture. I had about 32 ounces in all, sipping it slowly on my way to Corona. I also made sure to take a water bottle to my session.

After work is usually when I run to fast food, BUT I RESISTED! I headed home in major traffic and went right away to my dinner juice, unfortunately right when my mom was making the family dinner… that was tough.

My juice for dinner:





Ginger root

Bell Pepper



I love this juice, the apple and orange really help to overcome the taste of the beet and greens and it is a beautiful pink color haha.

Right now it is 10:23pm and I have a slight headache, (could very well be from my last client!) I’m not too hungry just more craving salty, greasy food because that is what my body is programmed to be doing right now. Fast food is ADDICTING and right now is withdrawal period!

This is ridiculously long and I promise the next days won’t be.

Until then, Happy Juicing and stay tuned for more of my experience in day 2!!!!

xoxo – Megs


My Juicing Experience – Why I’m doing it and Recipes I’ve Tried

Hey all!!

Again, so sorry for not posting very often. I think the push I’m going to need to make posts more often is to challenge myself to post a blog every day for the month of February! SO YES, here is my official claim to blog every day for the month of February!

For now.. I talk about juicing..

Lately, I have been obsessed with watching RissRose2 and BenjiMantv on YouTube and they both love to juice and it has really opened my eyes to the lifestyle. After researching different juicers I found them to be a little pricey for the ones that were actually worth it so I kind of gave up on the idea for a bit. My mom knew of my interest in the subject matter and asked me more about it and what I’ve researched. After about 5 minutes my mom was so convinced she bough us a juicer!!!!

The juicer I own is the Breville Juice Fountain. I believe it is the 850 watt model. Let’s just say… DAMN IT’S AMAZING!!!

The power that this sucker has is cuhhhhrazy! You don’t have to do anything to your fruits and veggies prior to juicing them, just wash them and stick them in! Unless, they are beets, that big tree has to come off first haha. It costed us on $160.00 no shipping or tax!!!

I busted it out right away and my mom went to the store and immediately stocked up on a bunch of different fruits and veggies.

The reason I wanted to try this was for one, I’m still trying to lose weight and I also want to start living a more healthy lifestyle and a big part of that for me is changing what I put into my body. Because, let’s face it, you are what you eat! I also felt as though I needed to cleanse my body of all the junk which includes fast food, alcohol and just negativity.

The first day we juiced I won’t life I did get a headache and felt really hungry for real food. And by the way, I’m not JUST having juice, I am also eating solid food high in protein, low in carbs, just not as much as in amount of times and portions. I believe having all those servings of raw fruits and veggies at once twice a day was just literally  shock to my system!

Today was my second day of juicing and after my morning juice (I’m trying to have a juice in the am for breakfast and one with dinner) I went to the gym and did feel slightly weaker AFTER the workout which consisted of 20 min cardio and 15 mins sauna. (I was in a rush haha)

All in all, I am loving this experience and plan to keep up with it as much as possible since I started it on my days off when I had nothing to do! haha but I don’t see why I can’t keep it up even when working.

Here are my recipes I’ve tried and my thoughts:

Red Juice:

2 beets (stem off)

2 large unpeeled carrots

2 red apples

2 stocks of celery

chunk of ginger

Splash of 100% strawberry kiwi Dole Juice

I really enjoyed this one! The splash of juice really helped offset the taste of beet which at first smelled really pungent and tasted somewhat bitter. (more apple could have helped as well as it covers up many bad flavors) And it’s a pretty red color!

Green Juice:

4 stocks of celery

Handful of spinach

1 small lime

2 green apples

1 green apple

1 red bell pepper

1 green bell pepper

Splash of grape flavored bubbly water

This one was harder to swallow, I won’t lie! After adding the bubbly water though it tasted so good!!!!

Orange Carrot Juice

4 large carrots

1 red apple

5 small organes (peeled)

1 chunk of ginger

2 stocks of celery

1 banana

MY FAVORITE! Be sure to add the banana first as it will be mostly pulp and no juice, the other fruits and veggies will push the banana out so you can taste it i the juice. This is great for the morning!!

Well there it is, my first thoughts on how I enjoy juicing and some recipes, I will surely be back to share some more!

xoxo – Megster!

Life is Short..

It’s been a hard week for reasons I shall talk about later..

However, my friend had sent me an old essay I wrote in High School and it brought me back to realize the problems I have today will pass and tomorrow is never promised, and I need to make the most of today. Here is the essay and if you choose to read it I hope it also makes you realize what I’ve realized. Love you all and thanks for reading..

Comforting a Friend in Need
The morning was cold and gray, as it usually started out, and I had just gotten to school. I took my pace of walking at normal speed, brisk and determined of where I was going and who I would run in to. As I was walking down the stark hallway, I came upon a situation that to this day has ever changed my compassion towards people and how I could help them.
During my usual walk to class I had my head down thinking of nothing at all of what was going to happen to me just the thought of wanting to go back home to my warm bed and sleep. The hallway was cold, and you could see the dirt being whisked away by the wind. Teachers were in their classrooms preparing for their day. I would run into a few students and greet them with a hello. Then I lifted my head and saw a familiar face, but the face had a look of despair on it that I have never seen before. I looked up and saw my close friend, Corey Teague. His eyes were bloodshot. Hair tangled in a mess, he had the looked of lost sleep for about two days. I then commented on his appearance, “Wow you sure do look tired.” that was a comment I wasn’t ready for the answer too. He responded to me with a gulp in his throat and a tone of sorrow as he said, “Well what do you expect? My best friend just died. How you want me to look, happy?” After hearing this I had walked by him about two feet, I turned my body around stiffly, and saw his expression on his worn-out face. I had no words; all I could do was run up to Corey and hug him.
That day Corey had a polo tournament and therefore he was wearing his travels. His hair was its usual mess and all he carried was a backpack and an extra book in his left hand. I had on my black band sweatshirt, a pair of plain jeans and my usual Converse.
After hearing his news I held him close with the fear of letting go, for I knew he was a wreck. His tears rolled down his face and on to my black sweatshirt. His sobs were many and hard as a rock. I could feel his skinny body shake in my arms. As I cradled his head, I just kept repeating, “It’s ok Corey. Let it out. Just cry. I’m here. Just cry…” He took this advice very well and went on to tell me what had occurred. I couldn’t believe it. Andrew Spencer had died, and I had no clue of how, when, or why just the knowledge of my friend being hurt and torn to shreds. Then everything would be silent, and we would just sway and he would juts keep sobbing.
Our embrace had now come to end and I looked at his face, bloodshot red, sad, and noticeably lost of sleep. All I could speak to him was that I was so terribly upset this has happened to him and how I was there for him in everything and this wasn’t going to stop me from being there for him at all. Corey was mad at the world and at God, and I did not want that to be the case.
After our long hugs and talk, I then continued to my class. I was then late, but I did not seem to notice it due to the many thoughts and emotions going through my shaken body. I sat down in my class and started to cry, I have never been in a situation like the one that just occurred and I found that I was weak and didn’t know what do think or feel. I was then told the story of what had happened. Andrew Spencer was killed when he was learning to ride a motorcycle. He had a friend driving a truck behind him for emergency reasons. As Andrew turned a corner up around 24th Street his motorcycle had spun out, he then struck a tall thick tree. Many people rushed to his side just top see that he died at the scene.
Later that day I went to Corey at lunch. It was not hot and the feel of the sun beating on my back had comforted me. I need to go see how my friend was doing. As I walked up to him immediately he went up to me and hugged me again. As I went up to him I could see that many of his other friends were not the same, but they were noticeably not as shaken as Corey was. I approached him slowly not knowing of how he was doing or feeling at the time. His face now was still showing the affects of crying, but he had gained his color back, and I asked how he was doing. He said he was going to be okay, but that I seemed to be the only one that held him the most, and listened to his cries and fears. After hearing this I was astounded. At first I didn’t feel as if I was helping him at all, and now I came to the realization that I was one of the few that seemed to care at all.
To this day I remember that day like it was yesterday and Corey and I have become extremely close and we talk about our experience daily and how much it helped us both. We realized that things happen for a reason and that you can’t be angry with God for what happens to good people but be happy with God that good things can come out of bad events. Corey and I have gained a lasting friendship and to this day we are now best friends.


xoxoxox *Hugs through my computer*