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Holy Holiday!!!

OK! So sorry for the lack of posting! But rest assured, the posts will occur more often now that for one THE HOLIDAY HAS PASSED! Two, I GOT A NEW LAPTOP!!! My last gift on xmas was a Macbook Air! I did not expect it at all and if you asked me a bit ago if I would ever get a Mac I would of laughed in your face. Haha, I do not or I should say did not care for apple products cuz of their price and I have more reasons but I won’t bore you with those right now. During Thanksgiving my brother and his girlfriend brought theirs and I must say I was intrigued.. I’ve also been somewhat curious because Mac’s are better for doing YouTube videos and editing photography, etc.

So, now i have my Macbook, I’m still getting used to it and trying to find out how I can link my Zune up to it.. it just ain’t working folks! Haha.. i will figure it out eventually! At least I figured out ho to use iMovie and I just finished editing my first video on it! It took a while and i didn’t do too much fancy stuff, but hey, I did it!

Late this week I plan on writing my end-of-the-year blog so stay tuned for that one.. for now, it’s off to eat and pull myself together after the holiday. Looking forward to the new year!!!

BTW, heres the link to my YouTube account where I talk about my daily life, give make-up and beauty product reviews and some tutorials. Watch, subscribe, comment and like!!! It’s my goal to become a YouTube partner within the next year and I need your help to do it!!! 🙂

Thanks for reading and waiting to read!

xoxo – Meg 🙂


Did I Hit My Weight Loss Goal????







Hellloooooo er’body!!!! Sorry for the delay in this post! I feel like it’s been forever since I got to update you all on my weight loss journey! Well here it is!

My goal: I set out to lose 24 pounds by the end of November putting me at 185 on the scale.

What has happened during my journey: Probably just days after starting this journey is when I pulled my back at work and could barely even walk, stand up, sit, or sleep, etc. It was absolutely horrible and it put me out of the gym for a GOOD 2 MONTHS! Even when I was able to go back I had to really take it easy BECAUSE while my back was injured I had a pinched nerve that traveled down my left leg and disc bulges (which btw NEVER go away, wah) This caused my left leg to be extremely weak, I even lost considerable muscle mass because of it (regaining it back now!). Since I had what I’d like to call DEAD LEG I fell and twisted my foot so bad that I thought I broke it! I’m sure you guys remember my old posts that included pictures of this disaster ha. I didn’t break anything, but I did tear every muscle in that bad boy!! Oh yeahhhhh.

Today, how do I feel?: I feel back to normal! My back from time to time will get stiff with this cold weather or if I sleep on it wrong, but it IS SO MUCH BETTER! My foot is back to normal and also, just gets tight during cold weather, because I have tons of scar tissue up in der! I have been visiting the gym when possible and now I just need to really be hard on myself and avoid holiday yummies. (whomp, whomp)

Did I make My Goal????: To be honest… I did not. BUT I am so very proud of what I accomplished. That being, I lost 16 lbs!! 9 pounds away from my goal but, I am NOT being hard on myself about it and getting discouraged, cuz HELLO, HALF my workout time I was in bed crippled.

Time for a NEW goal: This new goal will to simply get to the 24 pound mark by the end of February which would give me 3 more months to lose 9 pounds. I think I can do it! With that being said, I am kiiiinda nervous because I’ve noticed I’ve only been losing inches instead of weight.. I think I hit that plateau they always talk about… Just means I have to hit it harder in the gym, right?!

Thanks again to all your support and encouragement and cheers to the next 3 months!


Be Happy, Be Healthy, and Happy Holidays!

Revlon Lip Butter Review

I’ve been hearing about these lip butters for such a long time and heard they were really hard to find. At first when seeing other’s reviews on the product I got the impression that they weren’t really worth the hassle to hunt down and purchase. However, when I went to my local Walgreen’s and tried to find them just because I was curious I couldn’t and then I HAD to find them!!!! The cosmetic lady at Walgreen’s was extremely nice and suggested I go to CVS because  her store had not recieved the shipment of them yet. I headed over to CVS and found them nowhere, looked ALL over the Revlon section and started to leave and there they were, on a separate display!

I tell you about this struggle to find them not only to warn you they are hard to find, but also to explain why now I just HAD to try them. The display was really picked through, but I fortunately found the two colors I really wanted to try since they were neutrals of course 🙂 The other more red-ish colors I have heard are good as well, it’s just a color I don’t gravitate to.

The colors I picked up were Creme Brulee #095 and Creamsicle #065

The concept of this product is to be a really moisturizing lip balm/lipstick. The color pay off is not exactly a lipstick but it definitely gives you a color to your lips and a glossy finish. The packaging looks like their other lipsticks but the cover is clear and color matching to the product. There is no scent, booo, they should have made them smell like creme brulee and creamsicle!!! They also twist up.

On the left is the Creme Brulee and on the right is Creamsicle as you can see Creme Brulee is more brown and Creamsicle is more a peachy/pink tone.

What I love: Great texture and perfect amount of color payoff and moisture. There are also a good variety of colors to choose from.

What I not so much love: They’re not scented :/ personal preference I guess and they are really hard to find.

Give them a try and let me know what YOU think!