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NYX Glitter Cream Pallet Review





After seeing these new palettes around at various stores I finally decided to try it out. The specific one I purchased was 09 sweet chocolate browns. I chose this one because it was the most neutral out of all of them and I figured I’d get he most use out of it. There are many different ones!

Each one comes with 5 glitters that are highly concentrated. 4 out of the 5 are chunkier and one is a finer glitter. At first when swatching the colors with my finger it was hard to get a concentrated glitter swatch. I found it actually very useful to use the applicators that they supply.

Since this is a cream product I made sure when using it on my eyes to apply a primer and an eyeshadow over the primer to provide a good base reasonably free of oil to prevent creasing. I wore it twice. Once was before heading to work and once was before a day off where I ran random errands and so on so I could see how it held up.

My verdict: there is creasing that occurs but I found that if you apply the primer and eyeshadow then the glitter THEN apply again the eyeshadow over the glitter or a translucent powder over it, it can aid in preventing creasing. When removing makeup the glitter is very hard to completely take away. You will notice a few left over glitter specs for a day. What I liked was the glitter payoff. It is very buildable or you can apply just a little.

I wouldn’t necessaryily purchase another pallet for a few reasons. One being that I don’t have many occasions where is want to have glitter eyes. Two, the other colors available are very vibrant and I probably wouldn’t utilize them as often except a gold pallet I saw.

Overall I like the product and would recommend it to you. Just try different application techniques to find what works with your skin and oil scale.

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Acne Scar Experiment With DIY at Home Facial Mask.


One issue that I have had since high school was when I started to get acne then there has been the scaring that has occurred after. I have SUCH A BAD HABIT of popping my zits no matter the circumstances. You should ONLY POP sits when your face and hands are clean of makeup, dirt, oil, and it should be done using a needle. NOT your fingers!

Well, being the impatient one, I have always just obsessed with popping those bad boys ASAP! As a sad result I have acne scaring like crazy as you can see in the picture.

Looking around online for a natural solution  which I prefer over using medicines, and topical treatments such as acne scar serums etc. I came upon a ridiculously cheap and natural way to go about the issue.

It’s a mask that you create out of cinnamon, nutmeg, and honey!!!
It is recommended that you use natural honey as it is not altered in any way from its natural state which will allow it to do the job better.

Here is a link to one of the sites I saw that gave a bunch of info on all the health benefits of each ingredient and how to make it.

Green Beauty

Simple version: get equal amounts of each ingredient, mix and apply to acne scares and any acne flair ups and leave on for 30 mins. Rinse with warm water and moisturize as usual.

I read that it took about 4 days to see results. I am going to touch base in 4 days with an update and give you the 411!!! So stay tuned! And thanks for reading!!

Let me know how it worked for you!

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A New Endeavor?

Something that I really enjoy doing on my free time is watching videos on YouTube. Ask any of my friends, I’m glued to them! Recently I started to watch vlogs a LOT! This one couple does a vlog and its so funny and interesting and best part is that they live in my dream town of Seattle, WA! Check them out! Their YouTube channel is ItsJudyTime just search them. I decided to try it out, I don’t know if I will continue with it but I will most definitely continue with doing makeup videos and reviews.

It’s kind of weird to put myself out there like this, I’m such a shy person and I know some people can be really tough. So I’m a little nervous, but I’m going to face my fears and do it anyways.

There might be some “speed bumps” in the way… hahaha this is funny only if you watch my vlog! I hope you enjoy!

xoxo Meg

It’s a VIDEO!!!

So I decided to post the video I recorded of my Lucille Ball tutorial. It’s not the best quality, please forgive me! I’m a beginner, geez.

Hope you enjoy…