Halloween Look

So, I decided I should probably practice my potential Halloween look that I have planned because it involves some NEW things, that I really never even attempted before. It was so much fun to do and I did it really quick-like because I recorded myself doing it and I had limited video recording space. *Keep a look-out for an upcoming video! Finally!!*

I just wanted to share this look with you all because it has been FOREVER since I posted a makeup look on here, I’m a terrible blogger, I know.. But here it is and I hope you enjoy! Once my video is edited I will post it!!

Love you all and thanks for reading/looking, have a happy and very safe Halloween!!!

xoxox Muah!!


About Megan Fitzgerald

This blog started out as a school project and I have been inspired to make it a beauty blog to put myself out there and share my thoughts on things from make-up to life and everything in between. Feel free to leave comments, good and or bad, as I am always looking to improve myself :) A little about me. I am 23 years old and recently graduated from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona in June of 2011 with a BA in Psychology. My passion for hair design and make-up artistry has always had a big part in my life. It started as an addiction, really, and now I am hoping to go to school to become licensed. Some may say "what a weird transition.. degree in Psychology to beauty school?" However, I believe people should follow their passion and their dreams, and this is mine! Life is too short to sit behind a desk! I rather be behind the chair or in front of an individual making them feel truly beautiful inside and out. I mean, hey, a lot of hair dressers I meet swear they are therapists as well ;) Here's to passion!

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