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Tired? Partied Too Hard? Look Awake INSTANTLY!



We all have those long nights here and there. Either we work long hours, have unusually early mornings or maybe you were lucky enough to have a night out with friends and some Jack Daniels 😉

This is my GO TO look for when I feel like my face is showing my mental drag.

Plus ill share some awesome tips to enhance any look even if you feel awake!

First tip:
Always use light colored eyeshadows, dark ones can close up the eyes.

Focus a shimmer eyeshadow near the tear duct to open up the eyes.

When doing mascara make sure to get every eyelash and position them to go up and away, making your eyes look bigger.
Under the eye use a pink toned concealed, it will cancel out dark circles. A good one that works is Benefit’s Erase Paste. Perfect tone, be sure to cover with powder since it is super creamy. You don’t want it falling off 🙂

A tip I always use is putting a white cream under the eyebrow arch and the inner corner. For this I use NYX jumbo pencil in white and blend it in with my finger. This is so good and helping your eyebrows look more defined, lifted, and helping you look awake.

Tight line the lower lash line with white or nude eye liner.

My two pictures should help to see where to place these products. If requested enough ill make a video for you all.

Hope this helps!



How To: Depotting Eyeshadow/Blush & Making Personal Palettes.


I have a million small eye shadow palettes and I’m sure many of you do as well. I finally decided that condense them all and make my own palettes!

It took me about an hour to do and the supplies I needed were lying around my house.

What you need:

Eyeshadow of course! By whoever, in whatever case, I promise they can be depotted.

Sharp kitchen knife

Flat iron

Wax paper or parchment paper

Hot glue gun

Empty cd cases

You could also put them in magnetic palettes such as z-palettes which are available online and are perfect! If you do magnetic you will need magnet strips which you can get at any craft store and some sort of adhesive so it sticks to the bottom of the shadow or blush.

Step one:
Heat up your flat iron as high as it will go and when it is hot enough cover the hot plate with the wax or parchment paper.

Step two: take the palette and place it on the flat iron over the paper and let it sit for about 5 mins. Check the bottom carefully to see if its hot or beginning to soften. The time it takes for this to occur carries with each brand of shadow.

Step three: this is probably the hardest step. You want to find were the actual shadow pan is connected to the palette and wedge in the sharp knife to separate the shadow pan from the actual palette. Some may be easier than others and be careful to not cut or burn yourself!

Step four: once the shadow is released from the palette get your empty cd case or magnetic palette and determine where you want your shadows to be placed. This is when you can get creative and finally create your own perfect selection of colors!

Step five: put hot glue or magnet on the bottom of the shadow or blush and place it in the palette and TADAA!!!! You’re done!

At times shadows may break but I know there are tutorials on You Tube that show you how to put those right back together! You Tube also has great visuals for how to do this process which is where I learned this.

Have fun and ask any questions if you need clarification!


NYX pigments review!



I’ve honestly never dabbled in the world of pigments when shopping for make-up for a few reasons. I’m REALLY clumsy haha and I always fear ill drop the container and say good bye money!!! Haha. Another reason is my disbelief that they would last all day on the face. I feel like they would fall throughout the day due to them being loose and not packed like other shadows.

I finally decided I would give them a go and try these bad boys out. A nearby boutique that carries the pigments was going out of business and the pigments were ridiculously cheap so I grabbed a few. I went home and tried them for the duration of a couple weeks and here’s what I think!

The pro’s: amazing color pay off. These pigments are super bright! They also go on really nicely and I didn’t get much fallout, surprisingly!

The con’s: they crease! I used urban decay primer potion prior and they still creased so that bummed me out. They also seem to stain my brushes and lids slightly. I don’t really understand that. This is kind of nitpicking but the container opening is really small so I would suggest transferring the product to another container and storing it that way so it is easily accessible 🙂

Bottom line, I WOULD purchase more NYX pigments and this does make me highly interested in other brands of pigments.

I say pick some up for yourself 🙂

Here’s swatches of the colors I picked.. enjoy!


Weight Loss Update

I just wanted to share a quick post updating everyone with my weight loss and injury. There is good news and there is bad new. Let’s start with the bad so the last thing you read is good!! I went in for my normal Friday doctor appointment where I was hoping he would give me good news, even though I know I’m not feeling 100% yet.. honestly not even 50% better. I’m still on my four hour shifts at work and taking the same medications minus two of them because I’m so over taking them!!! Which he said that is probably a good idea.

Basically, I left that appointment, ran to my car, and cried.. no wait, I sobbed for a good 20 minutes, called my boyfriend and couldn’t even talk I was crying so much and I just sat in the parking lot. What is hardest about all of this is that pain gets extremely annoying after having it for weeks on end 24/7. I’ve honestly never felt this before, it must really suck to be an old person… I totally get their grumpy moods… The scariest thing I’m facing right now is not knowing exactly what I’m dealing with, even though I have a good idea it’s SI Joint pain. I have physical therapy and a MRI scan on Monday. As of now, I’m going alone 😦 and definitely NOT looking forward to it. At least it’s a big step to recovery.

Now for the GOOD news. I’ve still been really cautious of what I’ve been putting into my body so that I don’t completely fall off the weight loss train. To my surprise, with no exercise, it paid off!!! I lost 2 more pounds!!!! I am now 200 lbs and smiling 🙂 I weighed myself expecting 205 and got 200 and I was impressed. This goes to show you that what you put in your body is VERY crucial to how you are going to lose weight and I hope it is enlightening to see that. I never signed up for weight watchers because of the fact holidays are coming and to spend $18 a month when I’m working only four hour shifts AND holidays are coming, I thought I should just stick to watching my portions my own way, and be more cautious. Your body is a temple and you should treat it as such.

This is more like a long update so I’ll shut my trap and let you all enjoy your weekend with the rain and thunder I am hearing!


My thoughts on injury + still losing.


As I recently shared I have been struck by the sciatica demons of the world and to update you all on my road to recovery… let’s just say I’m going down hill quite literally.

The story –

On Monday I was finally able to walk with out looking like a granny and I had been noticing my whole left leg was pretty weak because the pinched nerve pain would travel all the way down to my foot. I was even comfortable enough to bowl. However at the end of the night while Matt and I were leaving I had an idiot moment and landed on my, now dead left foot, rolled my ankle, landed on my right knee, and then my booty. All the butt padding in the world which I possess didn’t cushion the fall, fail? I think yes. My left foot got the worse though and it instantly swelled up making Matt and I believe I broke it.

The next day I woke up and I was in so much pain I’m sure birthing a baby would be a breeze. My foot was the size of Texas and bending it was soooo out of the question.

Thankfully after a million x rays I was please to hear there weren’t ant fractures or breaks just a seriously messed up foot.

Long story semi short I’ve been miserable and really down on myself… I feel like an idiot for falling, I feel as though I’m letting my work down because I can only work four hour shifts and I limp everywhere. The worst part is, not being able to work out and keep on keeping on with my weight loss goals. I literally break down when looking at the scale.

After my visit with the Dr he added more medicine and ordered me a mri to take a closer look.

There’s some good news however. Past two times I’ve been to the Dr I weight 204. I was down to 202 so I don’t feel TOO bad. I’ve been trying to watch what I eat, I even made my family a healthy dinner because my mom and sister are also on their own personal weight loss journey.

Everyday when they go to the gym I get a little down but I’m really proud of how dedicated they are. Just makes me more motivated to get myself healthy again.

I’ve been considering doing online weight watchers without the meetings. It’s $18 a month and one of my coworkers is having success with it. Best part is, you can eat what you want!!! Just not a lot of it haha. Which is good!!!

Any of you readers tried it? Lemme know and share your thoughts. I’m really interested!!!

I can’t wait to be healed and back on that treadmill but it is a good time to really start looking at my eating habits.

Cuz hey, when life gives you lemons, you better make some low sugar lemonade!!!!


Don’t let anything stop you from goals, even an injury.

The picture is gross and I apologize.