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Injury!!! Where do I go from here…

I was and still am so proud of what I accomplished on my weight loss journey and of course I get injured…

Today I weigh 204.8 I can only imagine what I would be weighing if I didnt get injured…

Basically, as I was lifting our pepsi order at work to be put away I bent over, lifted, and POP! I knew exactly what I had done and instantly tears came to my eyes. Sciatica has affected me ever since working at jobs where all I do is stand and lift and this strain has been the worse yet, I feel it ask the way down to my toes. My past two days have involved me laying in awkward positions, crying, screaming in pain, and being completely fearful.

I’ve been popping pills all day (which I HATE!) I’ve been laying down, sleeping, and trying to be mobile every few hours to help with stiffness. I absolutely can’t wait to get my ass back on that treadmill.. Until then, I found some weights and bands and I’ve been working my arms. I probably only burned 20 calories lol but it’s so worth it to me.

I’m hoping for my next post to be good news.. Until then, I rest and hope for healing.



My journey, my struggle, my triumph to a healthier me.



Oh high school, the years when body image haunted us all. I always look back on those days and can’t believe how when I weighed 160 I thought I
was fat. When I had muscles of an athlete, and a nice ass if I do say so myself, and still, I felt gross. Makes me wanna slap her!!! If only I could look back at that person and tell her she looked amazing… Well, it’s five years later, got through high school, got through college, had a few jobs, been unemployed…. Now I’m 23 I have a degree, a job, and an extra 40 plus lbs on me!!!! woah woah, nelly how did that happen????

Honestly, I don’t care how it happened, it did, and what matters now is how I’m going to get healthy again.

So welcome,

This is my blunt, in your face, honest, no holding back journey of how I, Megan, will get to my healthy again!

Here’s how this is going to go

Step one: reveal my true weight… Dun dun dun.. 209, yup suckas, that’s a true, ugly numba!!!

step twos: understand where I want to be… I would love to be 160 again, however, when I set a huge ass (no pun intended) goal like that for myself, well honey, you might as well hang my gym shoes, cuz it ain’t happenin’ that’s for sure!!! So here is my goal, 185 by end of november. Which gives me three full months to lose 24 pounds.

Step three: girl, how are you going to do that!? Well, thanks for asking! I plan on working out at least four times a week focusing on doing cardio and light weight lifting, with a happy ending of sauna, awwww, yes baby, gonna sweat it out!! Also, I plan on seriously cutting my portion size! I’m bad with completely changing eating habits, or cutting food out, but I think I can portion control like a pro, yo.

Good news!!! (this is when you clap) I’ve currently lost seven pounds!!!!! For the past two weeks I’ve been working out and I’ve dropped a few lbs and it makes me giddy! However, I know losing the first few is always the easiest…. So, I really believe this is where my struggle will begin. This is why I’ve decided to share my honest journey with you all, not only to motivate myself but to be an inspiration to others. I’m going to be honest about my workouts, eating habits, my REAL weight and everything in between.

I hope you guys are ready, and I’m here with open ears. Thanks for reading if you did… If you didn’t, meh, I have my number one supporter, ME 🙂


No time for a shower? Use yo powda!!


It’s the middle of the work week, you wake up an hour late and realize there isn’t time for a shower and you look at your hair and its looking drab!!! Not a hair tie or clip in sight and time is running out. We’ve all been there one time or another and always wonder, what should I do?!

A product that really caught my eye is dry shampoo! How genius! Washing your hair everyday strips it of its natural oils and can really dry it out which leads to hair that gets damaged extremely fast. I would recommend washing it every other day and on the days you don’t wash it and you notice some extra oil accumulating, go for a dry shampoo, or baby powder!!

I’ve been trying out Tresemme Freshstart line. I used the dry shampoo for oily/straight to normal hair. It’s an aerosol spray that once it contacts the hair its designed to soak up extra oil and you brush it out and style as usual. I’ve used it for a week now.

What I love about it: by just using a couple sprays it did soak up oil and brush out. It’s a quick fix when time is running out.

What I don’t so much love: if used too much it makes my hair clump and have a weird texture!! It can turn your hair white!

What I suggest: after asking my friends what they thought about dry shampoo I had a few people suggest to sticking to just baby powder. Sprinkle a little on and brush it out and it will smell and look just washed! I thought this was a great idea because its so cheap and easy.

I would definitely suggest using a dry shampoo or baby powder after a workout. Works awesome!! I also had friends suggest some higher end dry shampoos, I haven’t dried those but from what I hear, they live up to their price!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy some non greasy hair!