Do’s and Don’ts

Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to make-up. Do you ever see someone walking in the mall and think to yourself, “who does her make-up?!?!” Or, there is the opposite thought of, “Oh my gosh she needs help!!” We always want to be the person that people see and have them say the first response and we really hope they don’t think to themselves the second! To avoid the second and get more of the first take these do’s and don’ts into consideration.

Do, Balance the eyes with the lips. What do I mean by this? If you decide to do a darker eye such as a smokey eye look, make sure if you wear a lip color in a lipstick or glass to keep it neutral, and vise versa, if you want to rock the red lip make sure your eyes aren’t rocking the dark look as well. This will cause the second response instantly haha.

Don’t, overdo the blush. I have seen some ladies walk around with beat red cheeks, and it’s sadly, on purpose! Or I’ve seen the really bright purple cheek. If you are using a brigh blush you want to make sure you use a light hand when applying this blush, make sure it blends and to not have it go all the way to where it touches your nose. Keep it on the apple of your cheeks when you smile so it looks natural and flush with your skin tone.

Do, stay in your comfort zone, if you are starting to think about going really smokey I suggest go slowly, take your time, and build it up. Don’t go straight for the black and plop in on, you will freak out! I know I did when I first started doing my smokey eyes. I suggest starting with a medium tone color. Then going for a very light application of black over that on the outter corner and build up on that.

Don’t, try to do a completely new everything. If you want to branch out to new fun ideas you see or learn start out small then go big! If you’re not used to having lipstick on, having a smokey eye, using blush, doing your eyebrows I suggest you take each of these new things one week at a time. Slowly introduce yourself to a new look by first wearing a nude lipstick. Then try to find a light blush to use and so on. I know I used to never fill in my eyebrows or wear blush and I then tried to do my eyebrows and blush on the same day and I freaked myself out! It was too much at once! A week later I tried the eyebrows and got used to it, then slowly I used a very light blush in my routine and now everything works together.

The point of using make-up is to accentuate the beauty that we already have, we use it to bring out our eyes, show of our great bone structure and to feel confident and proud to be who we are. Always remember that without make-up we are perfect, it’s just fun to do! 🙂


About Megan Fitzgerald

This blog started out as a school project and I have been inspired to make it a beauty blog to put myself out there and share my thoughts on things from make-up to life and everything in between. Feel free to leave comments, good and or bad, as I am always looking to improve myself :) A little about me. I am 23 years old and recently graduated from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona in June of 2011 with a BA in Psychology. My passion for hair design and make-up artistry has always had a big part in my life. It started as an addiction, really, and now I am hoping to go to school to become licensed. Some may say "what a weird transition.. degree in Psychology to beauty school?" However, I believe people should follow their passion and their dreams, and this is mine! Life is too short to sit behind a desk! I rather be behind the chair or in front of an individual making them feel truly beautiful inside and out. I mean, hey, a lot of hair dressers I meet swear they are therapists as well ;) Here's to passion!

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